“I was brought out of my protective bubble to see the issues people face in reality. I started to empathize with people, and it made me want to create change on my own as well.”

Kruthika Ramesh

As part of Avanti Young Women Leadership Program, Kruthika spread awareness about child sexual abuse through workshops and posters that reached over 100 community members.

“It is very important to give yourself a chance. Speaking from my own experience, you will never disappoint yourself.”

Anupama Ray

Anupama completed The Gender Lab Fellowship in 2017 and is now leading the expansion of Avanti Young Women Leadership Program in Delhi and NCR.

“I used to have an indifferent attitude about civic issues. Now, I care deeply about the city and its future.”

Sushanthi Ramesh

As a Community Connect Fellow, Sushanthi worked with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai to repair public facilities in her area.

“My mom used to a lot of use abusive words, but she has stopped since her interaction with my group about sexist abusive language.”

Prem Gupta

As a part of The Gender Lab Boys Program, Prem’s group conducted an awareness campaign about ‘redefining masculinity', focusing on sexist abusive language.


Our Focus Areas

Challenging gender inequality

The Gender Lab focuses on addressing gender issues through innovative interventions. It aims to develop leadership in young people so they can break gender stereotypes and form a generation that celebrates all genders.

12,000 participants in our young women's leadership program since 2011

Connecting communities

Through our service learning fellowship and community initiatives, we foster youth-led urban collectives for learning, expression, action and dialogue. We aim to create active citizens who can mobilize the strength of collectives to achieve social change.

310 fellows leading civic action projects in the last 4 years

Building peace

Our yearly conference gathers 100 delegates from South Asian countries to develop a network of leaders invested in peace and knowledge sharing in the region.

5 South Asian Youth Conferences hosted since 2011 in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka

Sharing knowledge

At BRM, we work to build leadership every day – and now invite you to build your leadership journeys with us. Our programs aim to build leadership within organizations to increase their impact.

Worked with organizations such as Make a Difference, Masoom and Bhumi to build leadership skills of their teams

Support the movement

Yesterday's ideas cannot solve tomorrow's problems. We’re building leadership in innovative ways so that youth are better prepared to face challenges on whatever path they choose. Are you with us?

Partner with us

Explore our programs and partnership opportunities for individuals, schools, colleges and organizations.

Get involved

Find out more about volunteering and full-time opportunities at The Blue Ribbon Movement.


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Samvidhan LIVE: The Jagrik Project is a 5 week live game to explore rights and duties in action. Coming in November-December

December campaign: City of Hope! We’ll be exploring the future of our cities in this 1 month citywide campaign. Stay tuned for updates

The Gender Lab Fellowship applications are live !! 1st Deadline is 15th March & Final Deadline is 30th March. Learn More

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